ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS

ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS
ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS
ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS
ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS
ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS

ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS
HIGHEST QUALITY & GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY. To Protect your Medical Equipment. ResMed S8 Cpap ULTRA CAMPING BATTERY. Power for 12 - 18 NIGHTS has Everything you need! WE SPECIALIZE IN BATTERY POWER PACKS FOR Cpaps / BiPaps / VPaps. This #RES8081 Bundle includes the 80AH Battery. OEM Cpap Power Cord that connects Battery to your ResMed S8 Cpap and a Battery Charger that is fully computerized and will recharge your battery for repeated use in the years ahead. DETAILS about each of these items can be found later in this description by scrolling down. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. The reason so many of our customers recommend us to their family and friends is due to the superior level of customer service they received.

Even years after the sale. You can reach us for an almost immediate answer.

To reach us quickly for personal help with any and all your questions. We Want you to make a fully informed decision, after all, this is your Health we are talking about! Battery & Custom 12V Harness. Battery is fully charged and READY TO USE. Battery has carrying handle, and while it is NOT lightweight, it is completely portable.

EASY TO SET UP: -- Just plug it into your CPAP or BIPAP device with the supplied fuse-protected 12V Power Cord that connects to our custom 12V wire harness and IT IS READY TO GO in under 5 minutes! Battery is a HEAVY DUTY 80 AH capacity to supply you with power for most CPAP or BIPAP Devices for up to. 12 to 18 nights of use on a single charge. Varies with pressure settings and use of humidifier or heated hoses. Our Special Harness is wired with Stainless Steel hardware. The ring terminals are soldered to the wires to make a far more dependable electrical connection than merely crimping them.

Battery is Maintenance Free, Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and does not require checking fluid level. While heavier that a Lithium Ion battery (which we also sell), these have 3 times the life expectancy (in years of usage) before needing to be replaced.

Battery is safe to be used in any position lying on its side or even upside down! This battery has the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, making it much safer and more stable and reliable than previous Deep Cycle batteries. This is an improvement over Gel batteries. This battery has a 3 to 5 yr projected lifespan under moderate DAILY usage, and with your occasional usage for power outage backups or camping trips. You can expect it to serve you up to TWICE that long, with proper care.

Battery measures: 10 in X 10 in X 7 in and weighs 52 pounds. This is an ULTRA HEAVY DUTY unit! TED, STATIC FILTERED, 12 VOLT POWER CORD. Our Professionally manufactured cord is FUSE-PROTECTED as well as STATIC FILTERED to reduce causing electrical interference in radios, cell phones, or wi-fi devices nearby.

It replaces the ResMed DC-12 Converter #33942 for the following ResMed Devices. S8 ELITE, S8 ELITE II. NOTE: The ResMed S8 operates with REVERSED POLARITY (positive ground) so be VERY CAREFUL with shopping for any "after market" cords that do not specifically state that they are POSITIVE GROUND like the power cord we sell. Use of a negative ground power cord (like most other brands use) could fry your Cpap circuit board. Read the CPAP FORUMS for the S8 and you will find many people who found out the hard way!

Your Cpap Device is too important to gamble with an unknown product. Please read through my FEEDBACK and its long list of past buyers. And see how many of them bought. THIS POWER CORD WILL WORK WITH ONLY THE DEVICES LISTED ABOVE.

WE PROVIDE ONE POWER CORD with your Battery System. Charging with a different charger, at a rate above 10 Amps/hr, can COOK these AGM GEL batteries they dont dissipate the heat as well as wet cell flooded batteries can. This charger maxes out at 10 Amps/hr.

It will never damage your battery. No buttons to push, nothing you need to select. Before it starts the charge cycle, it reads the battery when you attach the clips to the battery terminals.

It then knows exactly how much charge to apply and it continues to adjust those levels through multiple stages until it signals you (little green light comes on) to say the battery is fully charged. Can be used on ANY 12VDC Lead Acid Battery. Will not Start a vehicle with a dead battery.

Only will charge it over time. ALL Our Battery Bundles Are. · SILENT No need to run a noisy generator. · RELIABLE This technology has been around for decades!

· SAFE Will not overheat or catch fire. Battery can be used laying flat or even upside down! · SIMPLE & EASY Set up in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES (Like Plug & Play). · MORE CAPACITY Some of our systems will run up to 18 NIGHTS between charges. · PORTABLE -- They all come with carrying handles.

Weight is listed in item description above. You can Trust our Quality and our Commitment to Serve You and your needs.

BEFORE you consider shopping with us, READ OUR FEEDBACK. See how pleased others have been with our products and service.

ALL Our Systems Set Up in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES -- (Plug & Play)! IF YOU DO NOT FIND YOUR MEDICAL DEVICE LISTED HERE. Key Search Words to help cpap users discover this relatively new item on the market, cpap supplies. Breathe, nose, airway, pressure, cord, snore, sleep, bipap, sleep apnea, cpap, bilevel, bipap, vpap, breathe right, cpap battery, alternate power, cpap travel power. The item "ResMed S8 ULTRA Cpap CAMPING Battery All You Need Power for 12 18 NIGHTS" is in sale since Monday, March 18, 2019.

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